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Lionheart in Valletta, Vittoroso.

When a $150 million, 90 meters long yacht delivered to its owners

Everyone noticed, when this mega yacht swam to Valletta’s marina (Malta) three days ago. Seemingly it headed to the Grand Harbour, that was built for Vittoroso more than ten years ago. You could not  miss this ship. It was at least 80 meters long as per our estimation and its motion…Read More→

How to sell your apartment?

How to sell your apartment, online lecture from Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow started her lifestyle blog more than ten years ago, and her exceptional network, personal marketing had brought the result. The blog has become a top-end online shop, e-commerce empire  with lots of internal information. After the first amateurish years, the company hired its CEO of Marta Stewart ( the original lifestyle…Read More→