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How to sell your apartment, online lecture from Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow started her lifestyle blog more than ten years ago, and her exceptional network, personal marketing had brought the result. The blog has become a top-end online shop, e-commerce empire  with lots of internal information. After the first amateurish years, the company hired its CEO of Marta Stewart ( the original lifestyle god and businesswoman), the first investors arrived last year and the number of employees increased significantly. Goop has  53 employees so far. No surprise, that for the sake of the business, Gwyneth Paltrow has to dedicate more time for this company than before.  The size of the investment, and VFC has not published, but it seems to us, the exit started. We wouldn’t be surprised if the IPO would be the final goal in the next decade. Hats off!  Honestly, She was ahead of her time when she started to build her own brand based on her lifestyle  … well ahead of Instagram, and those, whose life on Instagram is the  main marketing channel nowadays. So, we have to appreciate her knowledge or instict, because it works. Right now She would like to sell her Tribeca home, so we can examine her selling tactic  in real estate.   What can we learn from Gwyneth Paltrow?

Rule #1: Use your brand and web-shop as a selling point

Goop is a web-shop. Goop is a brand, that is built on the lifestyle of an A-level, Oscar-awarded actress, who born as Hollywood-aristocrat. She knows everything about high life. What can represent  her brand better, than her apartment in New York.

Home Tour: GP’s NYC Apartment

The word “artisanal” has become shorthand for rough-hewn wooden beams and exposed lightbulb filaments, so the artisanal, bespoke nature of GP’s Tribeca apartment-designed in conjunction with Roman and Williams -is surprising: It floats above the cobblestone streets like a pale, dreamy cloud.

Rule #2 : Emphasize the quality

…with the help of commentary from the designer…. because it will give explanation for the price.  How beautiful is the first section:

‘The word “artisanal” has become shorthand for rough-hewn wooden beams and exposed lightbulb filaments, so the artisanal, bespoke nature of GP’s Tribeca apartment—designed in conjunction with Roman and Williams—is surprising: It floats above the cobblestone streets like a pale, dreamy cloud. Pastel silks, hand-embroidered wallpapers, and cool swaths of marble punctuate the space, which balances centuries-old techniques and antiques with a confident, breezy modernism.’

or this one:

“Though the design firm’s best known work at the time was “dark and rich, very layered,” according to Standefer, “Gwyneth saw how we could instead channel this ethereal palette: light delicate whites, palest lavenders, grays, silvers, embroidery details.”

It’s almost literature. The pictures are complementary part to the text and vice versa. Harmonized. Both are focusing on the beautiful details, colors, products, and the personal reasons behind these.

Rule #3 : Sell your lifestyle

how to sell your apartmentThe best of the best, if you refer to your family life, like Gwyneth Paltrow.

“We wanted to go with this sort of romantic, playful vibe and Gwyneth thought of this swing where she could sit and relax with her kids. It’s made from this incredible antique Indian door, painted and then topped with silk pillows.”

Rule #4 :  Dare to decrease the price, if the market does not justify your original price

As per the omniscient DailyMail, the Tribeca loft penthouse has been on the market since March, and they reduced the price from $14.25 million to $12.85 million.

‘The 43-year-old may be hoping the pictures will entice somebody to buy the luxury apartment – which she co-owns with Coldplay star Chris Martin – after reducing the price from $14.25 million to $12.85 million’

Gwyneth Paltrow shows off her ‘artisanal’ New York $12.85m apartment

Gwyneth Paltrow, 43, has offered fans – and potential buyers – a glimpse inside her Manhattan loft penthouse on her website The property, which she co-owns with ex-partner Chris Martin, is on the market for $12.85 million, reduced from $14.25 million An article on Goop, which includes photographs of the

Rule #5 : Rely on the online community

They are hungry for original information, and they can help to share the information gratis.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s New York home tour in Goop|Lainey Gossip Entertainment Update

When Goop’s “cribz” edition turned up in my inbox, I was very interested to see how Casa Gwyneth would look. What’s so fun/infuriating about Goop and GP is the great personal nuggets that go beyond her workout and recipes – like an Anger Detox (courtesy of Brad’s sister, therapist Aimee Falchuk) or an oldie but a goodie ” A Day in the Life…

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