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When a $150 million, 90 meters long yacht delivered to its owners

Everyone noticed, when this mega yacht swam to Valletta’s marina (Malta) three days ago. Seemingly it headed to the Grand Harbour, that was built for Vittoroso more than ten years ago. You could not  miss this ship. It was at least 80 meters long as per our estimation and its motion was extremely slow.  There was reason behind this slowness,  but let’s discuss this later on.

lionheart arrived into VallettaS Grand Harbour on July 10th, 2016
Yesterday we checked it personally in Vittoroso (Malta). And yes, it is not big, it is extremely huge. Luckily, the marina is well prepared to home larger yachts. When we arrived, the staff was busy, fussed around. There were quite a lot of shoes on the bank, and a pack was delivered to the yacht that belongs to Yacht Club of Monaco.

Lionheart in Valletta, Vittoroso.

The reason behind the fussing round and the slowness could have been explained with the fact, that this exceptional yacht with $150 million price tag was so brandnew, that it has not  even been used by its owners when it arrived to Malta. It could influence the carefulness of the staff and captain, that this 90 meters long yacht, which is built of steel with an aluminum superstructure and teak decks, is the largest yacht built by Benetti so far. Their previous flagship had been the 86 meters long Nabila for almost 40 years, which was later known as Trump Princess and owned by Donald Trump.

While it was managed as a secret project, we do not know much about it, but as per information gathered, the external design of this custom made yacht is Stefano Natucci’s work, and the Green&Mingarelly Design Company was responsible for the internal design. The result is spectacular, and it seems to us, that they managed the areas,  rooms liberally. The terraces, the open dining/living rooms are spacy.  As per insiders’ estimation, it can accommodate 12 guests in 6 state rooms, the staff required is 40 and it is fitted with helicopter landing pad, anchor stabilizers, gym, spa, jacuzzi (on deck), lift (Elevator), swimming pool, beach club, beauty salon, BBQ, tender garage, swimming platform, air conditioning, underwater lights, owner study, exterior bar.

 90 meters long Lioneheart was delivered on July 11th, 2016 to Sir Philip Green in Vittoroso, Malta

Who is able to afford this kind of wonder ?

Mrs Green.

No, this is not joke. Mrs Tina Green, the owner of Arcadia Group, ordered it in 2012. She supervised personally the progress of this long project.  It was a month ago when she last time checked the final result of the custom made ship. We can trust her taste and expectation, because her family could gather enough experience in the last decades when they hosted their celebrity friends on their other yachts, like  Lioness, Lionchase, Lion Cub.

And who is Mr Green? The husband of Mrs Tina Green?

Well, He is  Sir Philip Green, the CEO of  Arcadia Group. He inherited his fathers property development company at the age of 12. After making several profitable deals, the British businessman, who lives in Monaco to avoid UK taxation, purchased the Arcadia Group in 2002, and on the very same day he sold it to his South-African wife due to tax optimization. The Arcadia Group, which owns High Street chains such as  Topshop, Topman,Wallis, Evans, Burton, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, and Outfit,  has 2,500 shops in Great-Britain and is quite profitable. In 2005 it  paid  $1,5 bn dividend, so no wonder if the couple has an estimated net worth of $6.2bn. The retail billionaire, who  was knighted by Toni Blair in 2006, probably will anger BHS workers with his recent deals. Neither the acquisition of this pricey boat, nor the selling of BHS for GBP1  instead of putting money into the struggling company will be popular among them. Plus the timing would not be worse. While BHS workers can lose their jobs, and pensions, the family started their summer vacation in Malta on their new mega yacht.

Sir Philip Green’s wife boards the couple’s new £100million superyacht

Sir Philip Green’s wife Tina has been spotted boarding the couple’s new £100million superyacht in Valletta, Malta She seemed have little thought for the collapse of her husband’s former business BHS as she boarded the Lionheart The superyacht, which is the couple’s third, is four storeys high and the length of a football pitch and sleeps 40 It is said to boast a hot tub, swimming pool, helipad, three lifts, a beauty salon, a barbecue and a fleet of jet-skis Sir Philip Green’s wife Tina has been spotted boarding the couple’s new £100million superyacht in Malta.

Sir Philip Green would like to make the public be focused on charitable work instead of the tax optimization. That said, he support different institutes, like the Fashion Retail Academy.


Let be honest, his personal life, yachts and exceptional lifestyle are more interesting.