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6 reasons why you should move to Hungary?

Suddenly more news came out about the German migration due to security problems and migration… to Hungary. What?   Forget it. Do not accept the simplified answers, rather follow your intuition or our advice. Believe us, there are more important reasons to move to Hungary. At least 6.


Reason #1: Budapest is excellent investment target… still

In spite of the property price increase of the last 2 years, it’s not too late to get in.  The property price can be higher, if we can believe in the house price per monthly income index. You can see, that there is place to move further. Compering to other European capital, it’s clear, that only Berlin is cheaper than Budapest by this index, but there is special reason behind this. You can read more about Berlin’s housing here. Do not be afraid, that the text in Hungarian. Maybe it’s worth to adapt the Hungarian culture 🙂

For the sake of the complete picture You have to consider, that the Hungarian Government’s current or future housing strategy can influence the market suddenly and significantly. Think on the new VAT rule about the reclaimable VAT by private individuals or the famous CSOK. Haha … It can be translated like KISS, but its not about love, but rather about subsidiary of  families’ housing.

Reason #2: Bohemian lifestyle

Show other city in the entire world ( plus the moon), where  a bridge is closed due to maintenance work, but its closing is prolonged by 2 weeks after finishing the maintenance, because we occupied the bridge and created a heaven within the city. And the best is, the name of the bridge is LIBERTY. Haha.

Reason #3: Sailing at the Lake of the Balaton

Move to Hungary to enjoy the Lake of the BalatonIt takes 60 minutes to reach the Balaton from Budapest. I know the timing is always quite important and Friday afternoon is more tricky.

But if you are there.

You can enjoy the storm or the peaceful sunset or the clean water, or all together like last Sunday.

Reason #4: Rooftop bars

Sex on the beach on a roof terrace? No, there is no contradiction, if the place is Budapest. What can be better than sip your Sex on the Beach,  Mojito or drink your cold beer and enjoy the view of one of the best cities in the world. You can do this in Budapest here: Corvin Terasz for relaxed get-together or here: 360 bar to feel yourself somebody or here: Hotel Continental for an elegant, dinner or here: High Note Skybar to enjoy the high life.  Try them. All of them.

Europe’s Best Rooftop Bars: Budapest’s 360 Bar

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Reason #5: Magical view of the city from the Danube

Why to move to Budapest Enjoy the city's aquatic life and beauty of the city.Tourists praise the belle of the city, although they try to compare it to Vienna or Prague. Do not allow yourself to be misled.  Budapest is the only one of the three cities where the river, in this case this is the Danube, could become organic part of the city. The aquatic life is  vivid.  If you are so lucky that you can see the city from the water, you can feel yourself in a big theater. Do not miss the performance.

Reason #6: Excellent properties

As the direct and indirect consequence of the credit crunch, the Swiss franc based loans, the exaggerated  real estate boom’s, you can find some good property for reasonable price.  Please look at our portfolio, and even if you want something in Croatia, we have idea for that as well.

Villa with 13 rooms, attractive environment

The villa with 13 rooms, that was used as company headquarter earlier in a very pleasant, attractive environment in Táborhegy...Read More→


Flat in one of best part of Budapest

220 sqm flat with six room is for sale in Budapest II. district. The property is located in the North-Western...Read More→


a specious and spacious villa house located in a high-prestige residential area in Budapest

Are you looking for a specious and spacious villa house located in a high-prestige residential area in Budapest? This 717 sqm property is for you.


3 rooms apartment with panoramic roof terrace, swimming pool is for Sale

If you want to spend the entire year on vacation, you have to move to the Római part. For the sake of your new lifestyle we are offer you a 3 rooms, 109 sqm apartment with panoramic roof terrace in an apartment-house built n 2008 with swimming-pool at the border of Csillaghegy and Pünkösdfürdő.


4 rooms apartment with panoramic roof terrace at Római part is for Sale

Would you like to feel yourself on vacation every day of the year? Are you looking for a special property at the Római-part of Budapest

60.58million Huf+VAT

Sea view apartment in Croatia is for Sale

This gorgeous apartment with sea view balcony and living room, that is in Dramalj quarter of Crikvenica, was built 10 years ago. The colors of the apartment mirrors the warm Adriatic summers and the blue of the beautiful sea.


3 levels Villa with 10 rooms, pool, tennis court in Buda - that can be utilized as office, club, home- is for Sale

Villa – located is the best part of Budapest 3rd district – with 3 levels, 10 rooms and panoramic view...Read More→


4 Levels Villa with Panoramic View at The Most Exclusive Part of Budapest

Beautiful details, space, the garden and the exceptional view that emphasizes the advantage of this villa, that is the best part of Budapest. 4 levels villa, 7 rooms,  with exceptional view at the most exclusive area of Budapest, in the 2nd. district. The upper levels is setup for home, the lover levels are for the service part. The letter includes the garage for 2 cars, the swimming pool and the mechanical part of the building.  The house is 568 sms, the plot of land is 1029 sms.

390 millionHUF